Women Cell

Women Cell

Session (2017-18)

Convener: Ms.Komal Rani, Assistant Professor.

Report of Legal Literacy Cell for the session 2015-16


On Aug 15, 2016; The 70thIndependence Day was celebrated under the president-ship of PrincipalDr.Balbir Singh.Sh. Karan Singh, General Secretary Managing committee, hoist the flag.Students made the extent of celebration by singing patriotic songs and National Anthem.

On Sept 02, 2016; “Painting competition” was organised on various topics such as Child Labour, Global Warming, Women Foeticide, Save Earth and Water, BetiBachao, BetiPadhao etc., Twentystudents participated in this competition.

Result of the competition is as follows:

NameRoll No.ClassPosition

On Sept 03, 2016; an extension lecture on “Health Awareness” was delivered by Dr.PoojaChoudhary, A.M.O., KalpnaChawla Medical College and Hospital, Karnal. She shared her views on nutritious value of food and how to maintain hygienic living habits which help us to keep healthy life. She also gave information that in the absence of balanced diet and unhygienic living condition we suffer from many diseases. So, we must develop good hygienic living habits and take balanced diet.

On Sept 05, 2016; Teacher’s Daywas celebrated under the supervision of Ms.Komal, Convener Women Cell, with great enthusiasm and zeal.Dr.DhaneshMaheley, Associate Prof., spoke on the works and contribution of Dr.RadhaKrishan,the former president of India,the great architect of the society and a modal teacher of India. Dr.Balbir Singh,the Principal, put more emphasison moral and ethical values which he expected the students to follow in the end he wished that the students would be great future builders of nation.On this occasion “Poetical Symposium” was alsoorganised. In this competition thirty one students participated.Kajal B.Com-II and Sweta B.A.-II recited the beautiful poems untitled’Teacher’.

Result of the competition is as follows:

NameRoll No.ClassPosition
Ekta607B.A.- IIISecond
Saloni947B.Com- IIIThird

On Sept 22,2016 An extension lecture on “FemaleFoeticide and Awareness” was delivered by Dr. SantoshDahiya,Associate Professor, Physical Education,University College KUK&President of the Women wing of the SarvJatiyaSarvKhapMahapanchayat. She said that female foeticide is a crime and social disaster for the future of women.There should be legal stoppage to getcontrol over it.On the same day”Essay Writing Competition” was organised by Women Cell on various topics such as Legal Right of Women,Domestic Voilence Act, Digital India, Female Foeticide, BetiBachao,BetiPadhao, Right to Information, Drug De-addiction etc. Forty students participated in this competition.Dr.Balbir Singh,Principal,appreciated the participation of students.

Result of the competition is as follows:

NameRoll No.ClassPosition

On Oct 18,2016; “Mahendi Competition” was organised on the occasion of KarvaChouthunder the supervision of Ms.Komal,Convener Women Cell.In this competition,participation of twenty five students was there.Dr.Rishipal,Ms.Kusum and Dr.Sandeep performed the duty of judges. Dr.BalbirSingh,Principal,appreciated the participation of thestudents.Priyanka, B.A.-I (Roll no.201) got1st position,Savita, B.Com-II (Roll no. 814) got 2nd position and Sonia, B.A.-I (Roll no. 111) got 3rd position.

Inter-College Essay Writing Competition was organised by Women Cell and Legal Literary Cell of Arya Post Graduate College Panipaton the topics:

1). BetiBachao, BetiPadhao

2). Women and Legal Awareness

3). Right to Information

In which a team of two students Ekta(B.A.-III), Roll no.607 and Jyoti Bagri (B.A.-III), Roll no. 605 participated.Result of the competition is awaited.

Activities of women Cell (Session 2014-15)

Women Cell of the college organised Painting, Slogan, Quiz contest, Speech, Poetical Symposium, Rangoli, Mehandi, Essay Writing Competion, 25 students took part in Painting & Solgan , 5 Team in Quiz contest , 15 students took part in Speech & Poetical Symposium , 15 students in Rangoli and 15 students in Mehandi Competition. The following students won the prize in different activities.

Painting held on 08/09/2014

NameRoll No.ClassPosition
Sonia Sagwal820B.Com III SemFirst
Sandeep111B.A Ist semSecond
Sukwinder429B.A III SemThird

Solgan held on 09/09/2014

NameRoll No.ClassPosition
Dimple1211B.Sc III SemFirst
Sanjana1230B.Sc III SemSecond
Suman813B.Com III SemThird
Anju1235B.Sc III SemSecond

Quiz Contest held on 13/09/2014

TeamNameClassRoll No.Position
Team EDharmenderB.A IInd409First
ArvindB.A IInd467
SachinB.A IInd540
Team HSubhamB.Com Ist702Second
ManishB.Com Ist730
AnkurB.Com Ist737
Team ANishaD.S.P.C1402Third
DimpleB.Sc IInd1211
SanjanaB.Sc IInd1230

Speech Competition held on 17/09/2014

NameClassRoll No.Position
SonuB.A Ist205First
KajalB.A Ist204Second
ArvindB.A IInd467Third

Poetical Symposium held on 19/09/2014

NameClassRoll No.Position
HimanshuB.Sc IIIrd1310First
SukwinderB.A IInd429Second
JyotiB.A Ist316Consolation

Rangoli held on 08/10/2014

NameClassRoll No.Position
ManishaB.A Ist309Ist
SumanB.A IIIrd649Ist
KajalB.Sc IInd1214IInd
SumanB.Com IInd813IInd
RakhiB.Sc IInd1234IInd
PriyankaB.Sc IInd1245IInd
ManuB.Sc IInd1209IIIrd
DimpleB.Sc IInd1211IIIrd
ShivaniB.Com IInd802IIIrd
SumanB.Com IInd803IIIrd
JyotiB.A Ist316Consolation

Mehandi Competition held on 10/10/2014

NameClassRoll No.Position
SoniaB.A IInd416Ist
PoojaB.A IInd417IInd
MamtaB. A IInd442IIIrd
SushmaB.Com Ist714IIIrd
SumanB.A IIIrd649Consolation

Essay Writing Competition held on 16/03/2015

NameClassRoll No.Position
SushmaB.Com Ist714Ist
DimpleB.Sc IInd1211IInd

Other activities performed by women cell

Dyal Singh College Karnal organized  Inter College Essay Writing Competition on 30th September 2014, Two entries of Dimple  Class  B.Sc IInd Roll No 1211 & Himanshu  Class B.Sc IIIrd Roll No. 1310 were sent for  the topic ” Role of Women in Decision Making “

 On 27th Feb 2015,  Dimple B.Sc IInd Roll No 1211participated in Essay writing completion which was held at department of Political Science, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra,  on the topic ” 21st Century Indian Foreign Policy”.

On 28th Feb 2015 Dimple B.Sc IInd Roll No 1211participated in Poetical Symposium & Rangoli Competition held at Dayanand Mahila  Maha Vidyalay ,  Kurukshetra .

On 28th  February 2015, Himanshu B.Sc. III  Roll No1310 participated in Poetical Symposium held at Dayanand Mahila  Maha Vidyalay , Kurukshetra.

 On 28th Feb 2015, Sanjana Class B.Sc IInd Roll No. 1230 & Rakhi  Class B.Sc IInd Roll No. 1234 participated in National Science Day which was organized at  B.A.R. J.College of Education, Kaul . Sanjana in Rangoli and Rakhi won IIIrd  prize in Display Modeling won IIIrd prize

 An Extension lecture was delivered on 12th March 2015. It was delivered by Dr. Surchi Sharma .The main topic of lecture was ” Status  of Women in Indian Society” .

 Essay were sent by our two students Dimple Class  B.Sc IInd Roll No 1211  & Himanshu Class B.Sc IIIrd Roll.No. 1310  in Inter College Essay Writing Competition which was held on 25th March 2015 at D.A. V.  College Karnal.

On 27 February 2015, Inter College Essay writing & Slogan competition on “Beti  Bachao Beti Padaho ” was arranged by R.K.S.D College, Kaithal. Our two students  named Dimple class B.Sc II Roll No 1211 and Pooja Class B.Com Ist Roll No 714  sent their Essay on the said topic. Dimple  score  Ist position in  this competition.

 On 27th February 2015, spot story writing competition was organized by  R.K.S.D College Kaithal. Dimple Class B.Sc. IInd Rollno 1211 & Himanshu Class B.Sc. III 1310 participated and  both score Ist Position in this competition.

 Dr Mamta Rani Asstt. Prof. In Political Science and incharge woman cell  attended the six days workshop held from 2-2-2015  to 7-2-2015 on “Capacity Building for  Women  Manager in Higher Education” which was organized by  Women’s studies research center Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra.