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College Facilities

Facilities at Babu Anant Ram Janta College

Common Room
Health Room Assembly Hall

Library as a Learning Resource

The institute has a Library Committee which helps in procurement of books, newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. As per the recommendations of the Library Committee full automation of library record is done. For smooth running, proper record making and supervision of the library, the committee makes suggestions from time to time in its meetings which are held periodically in the library. Annual stock verification is also done under the supervision of the committee. Obsolete and worn out books are written off on the recommendations of the Library Committee.

The library is on the course of acquiring INFLIBNET resources.

Library Committee for the session 2014-15 and 2015-16 comprises of the following members:-

 i.  Sh P.S, Gora Convener

ii. Dr R.K. Nain Member

iii. Dr Subhash Chander Member

iv. Dr Dhanesh Mahaley Member

v.  Dr Ishwar Singh Member

vi. Ms Kusum Member

vii. Dr Sandeep Kumar Member

viii. Dr Mamta Rani Member

1. Total area of the library (in Sq. mts) 270.90Sq. Mts

2. Total seating capacity 80

3. The library is open on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. It is also open for the same duration during all days of examination. The library is divided in different sections as reading section for boys and another for girls and staff, properly maintained stock and periodical area and IT area for internet browsing.

Requisition forms are delivered to head of each department to know the requirement of books, journals, newspapers and magazines. The recommendations of faculty members are deliberated in the meetings of Library Committee. And on its recommendations and prior approval of the Principal, necessary purchases and subscriptions are done by the librarian under its supervision.

Class Room:- The institute has twenty standard size classrooms, having proper ventilation and equipped with sufficient desks, benches, tables, chairs and green glass boards. Every classroom has adequate dustless chalks, dusters, lecture stands and other teaching materials. The institute has a smart room fitted with a computer, LCD projector and supporting audio-visual aids.

Seminar Hall:- The college has a spacious seminar hall having a seating capacity of 150 and equipped with computer, LCD and projector. The seminars, conferences, workshops and discussions facilitated in this hall.

Staff Room: - The college has an air-conditioned staffroom, having sofa sets, easy chairs, fancy tables, attached bathroom and equipped with LED television of latest technology. Computer and internet facility is provided in the staff room for the faculty members. Two stainless steel almirahs having pigeonhole cabinets are installed for faculty members to store their books and other documents.

Canteen:- The college has a spacious canteen building having separate seating arrangements for boys, girls and staff. The canteen is leased to a reputed contractor for a fixed duration. Tea and snacks are cooked in hygienic manner and severed at subsidized rates.

Departmental Rooms:- Separate rooms are allotted to every faculty for better interaction and discussions with stakeholders.

Common Room: The college has allotted separate common rooms to boys and girls with attached bathrooms, furniture and newspapers/magazines

Laboratories:- The college has laboratories for Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education and Computer Science.

Physics Laboratory:- The college has a spacious laboratory for Physics equipped with adequate apparatus and gadgets of latest technology. A dark room is also constructed in this laboratory to help the teaching and learning process.

Chemistry Laboratory:- This laboratory is equipped with essential gadgets and chemicals for conducting practical. The centralized gas supply provision is installed for heating.

Computer Laboratory:- The college has two vast Computer Science laboratories having numerous computers and other devices of latest ICT.

Sports: The college has two stadiums in which proper play grounds for volleyball, basketball, hockey, football and cricket are demarked. A vast gymnasium hall is also constructed and equipped with exercising machines of different varieties.


Highlights of the College
  •   The campus of the college sprawls over eight acres of land and is a quiet and ideal place for academic work requiring concentration of mind
  •   Magnificent, modern well equipped double storey building with lush green lawns, beautiful gardens and landscapes
  •   Computer laboratory with latest & high configuration computer hardware and software
  •   Home science laboratory with modern architecture and facilities
  •   Vast playgrounds,indoor game facilities
  •   Yoga Hall cum Gymnasium with adequate fitness equipment
  •   Music department with a handsome collection of various musical instruments
  •   Auto-Visual aids for teaching
  •   First-Aid Room
  •   Child care centre (Under vocational scheme of UGC)
  •   Women cell
  •   Seminar hall
  •   Guest house, canteen, fleet of buses, vehicle parking facilities
  •   A bank and ATM facilities on the college campus itself

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